What is a Master Injector of Botox?

Have you ever heard someone say “Botox doesn’t work for me”? I have, whether it's the friend of a patient who is in my treatment chair, or a patient coming in for filler. The fact is, a lot of people injecting Botox have not been properly trained, and this can lead to poor results.

With Botox growing in popularity, courses have popped up everywhere teaching Botox. It’s not that these courses are bad, after all, you have to start somewhere-it’s just-that’s all it is. A 1-2 day course where they learned, “how to inject Botox 101.” Because of the small amount of time trainers have to cram in so much material (trust me-I’ve taught them), it is usually the cookie-cutter approach to Botox, not the in-depth study of facial anatomy. And just like that, you can inject Botox.

The difference between someone who can inject Botox, and someone who is a master injector is not only experience, but intensive training in anatomy leading to advanced assessment. For instance: is one side more dominant than the other? Is a patient lifter dominant or depressor dominant? Is there unevenness to the brows? How much does Botox diffuse on that patient? Does the patient have ptosis? (a droopy eyelid) therefore placing Botox in the forehead lines is contraindicated (because that’s how they raise their eyelids). These are questions that a master injector will ask themselves before they inject a patient with Botox.

So, give Botox another chance

I have a rule. The first time you receive a treatment with me I want to see you two weeks later. This is not because I want to inconvenience you, and it isn’t just because I’m an OCD perfectionist (but let’s be honest, I am). It is so I can see how your face responded to the Botox treatment, and can add more if needed. It is then I can create a customized treatment pattern for you. One that uses the least amount of Botox to create a natural look, strays away from the frozen face, and allows me to document a pattern which we can use every treatment successfully. This is why when patients walk in the door and tell me that Botox will not work for them, I try to earn their trust to let me try it one more time.

Next, we come to filler. 

We all have that friend or have seen a picture of the dreaded overdone look. But have you ever looked at one of your friends and said, “wow, they look well rested.” There’s something different about them, but you can’t put your finger on it. That’s the type of look we want to create with filler. A lot of the time when a face is overfilled-looking almost like a monkey face- it is because the injector did not know the difference between cause and effect.

So many injectors chase wrinkles, filling them to the point they disappear (and to be honest-this was the old way injectors were taught). This sounds good in theory, however this technique ultimately distorts natural anatomy. Instead, an injector should look at the cause of the wrinkle. For instance, if a patient has deep nasolabial folds and marionette lines, first look for cheek deflation as that can be the main cause of these lines and wrinkles. It is only by correcting the volume deficit in the cheek that you can achieve a natural look, and reduce the lines.

This is why a Master Injector who has stayed relevant with the most recent techniques is so valuable when choosing your provider. A Master Injector can use the various types of filler to create the most subtle, refreshed look without duck lips, a rounded face, or loss of natural beauty.

Overall, I have studied with some of the most experienced injectors around the country, and have found the most important qualities of a Master Injector are these: knowledge of facial anatomy, ability to perform facial analysis, and an aesthetic eye for natural beauty. Do your research, and don’t settle for less.

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