Botox FAQs

1. How long does Botox last? A Botox treatment lasts 3-4 months. You may notice your first treatment lasts on the shorter side of this as your muscle may quickly rebound after its first treatment. When you skip the gym for several weeks, its not as hard to get your muscles back in shape. But when you skip the gym for several months, it takes longer for your muscles to gain their strength back. With Botox, the more consistent you are at not allowing the muscle to return to full strength, the longer you will potentially see the results. 

2. Is Botox safe? Botox is used in over 50 countries with thousands of clinical studies. It is FDA approved and now used in over 500 medical conditions. 

3. Is Botox a poison/toxin? Botox is a purified protein.

4. Will Botox make me look like a different person? “Frozen.” “Expressionless” “Surprised.” These are not adjectives that need to be associated with Botox. When placed by a Master Injector, Botox can create a natural look with softening of the lines. Moderation and correct facial analysis is key. 

5. When is the right age to start Botox? I am asked this a lot. I see patients from around 25 years old, to 70 years old. When you are 25, you are enjoying the fountain of youth. Resilient skin that, even with repeated creasing, goes right back to normal. As the skin ages however, the creases begin to stay at rest and it is then more difficult to get rid of them. This starts sooner for some, due to hereditary factors, sun damage, etc. Because of this, to prevent wrinkles, Botox is being used at a younger age to prevent the creases at rest. Botox can still be helpful however when you do have lines at rest to soften them and stop them from getting worse. 

6. Is Botox for men? sounds like a funny phrase, but it was created because the trend for men to receive a Botox treatment is growing. Most men think Botox is only for wrinkles, when in reality Botox can be used to create a more approachable look. And, no one has to know.